Teenagers in the US watch more videos on YouTube than on Netflix. This is evidenced by a new study by the investment bank Piper Sandler, according to CNBC.

It turned out that 29.1% of the time that teenagers spend watching videos on a daily basis is spent on YouTube. For Netflix, the figure was 28.7%. Hulu came in third with about 7%.

This data shows that the streaming business is becoming increasingly competitive and underscores YouTube’s strong position as a free online video provider, especially among young people.

More than 9,000 teens across the United States participated in this Piper Sandler survey. Their average age is just under 16 years old.

Some investors believe that understanding how young people spend their money can help identify trends in the economy as a whole.

In the spring, the nonprofit watchdog group Tech Transparency Project said that YouTube recommendations may lead children to videos about school shootings and other gun-related content.