Analysts from CCS Insight have made several predictions about the smartphone market after 2024. One of the predictions is that smartphones will have screens that can repair themselves after minor damage, writes CNBC.

“There’s some new technologies that people are working on right now that looks as though this could become something that people have another go with. We’re not talking about smashed screens miraculously coming back. This is all just little cosmetic scratches”

– chief analyst at CCS Insight, Ben Wood

Several companies have already tried to bring the idea of self-healing screens to life. In 2013, LG released the G Flex phone, which had a vertically curved screen and a “self-healing” coating on the back cover.

In 2017, Motorola filed a patent for a screen made of a “shape memory polymer” that could be repaired by heating in the event of a crack. Apple also filed a patent for a screen for a folding phone that would self-heal after minor damage.

Of course, to achieve such technologies and apply them in commercial products, companies will have to invest a lot of money and resources in research and development. In addition, users will also need to understand what level of damage they will be able to repair. We’ll see in a few years whether this prediction is even close to the truth.