Qualcomm has unveiled the name of its upcoming platform for ARM computers: Snapdragon X, reports The Verge. It is based on Oryon processor technology, which Qualcomm acquired from Nuvia in 2021.

It is noteworthy that Nuvia was founded by former Apple engineers who were involved in the development of Apple’s A-series chips for the iPhone and iPad. However, this acquisition has led to a lawsuit filed by Arm against both Qualcomm and Nuvia, with a trial scheduled for September 2024.

Snapdragon X is Qualcomm’s answer to Apple’s M-series processors, first introduced in the MacBook Air in 2020. If Snapdragon X can match or even come close to the performance and power efficiency of Apple’s chips, it could mean a significant change for Windows users, especially those using lightweight and compact laptops.

Another notable feature of the Snapdragon X processors is the inclusion of a neural processing unit similar to the Apple Neural Engine, which is adapted for machine learning tasks.

Don McGuire, senior vice president of Qualcomm, described the new chips as “a quantum leap in performance and power efficiency” that paves the way for advanced AI capabilities on devices. Continuing the legacy of the Snapdragon 8cx platform, the Snapdragon X will also support 5G connectivity. Apple has not yet integrated this feature into any of its M-series devices, with the exception of the iPad. As previously reported, Apple is facing problems in developing its own 5G modems.