It’s been an endless “time of the Japanese” these days… But what can you do: the local auto show is coming up, so Japanese car companies are trying to announce as many of their own interesting new products as possible.

For example, here’s another one – the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept: a free embodiment of the idea of what a mid-size crossover could look like. If you like, it’s a battery-powered Nissan X-Trail. What’s interesting about it?

Of course, the design immediately attracts attention: straight lines, sharp corners, large wheels. It seems that Nissan is looking for a new future style and design for itself – and the Nissan Hyper Adventure is one of the steps on this path.

The doors are interestingly designed: the front doors open sideways, while the rear doors rise up. However, such a solution is unlikely to be used in a production car. But a U-shaped light around the rear window is quite possible.

In addition, the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept can offer several original ideas for interior design. First, a full-width digital display on the front panel that seems to flow into the windshield. Secondly, a movable rear sofa – it can rotate around its axis and seemingly “flip” into the trunk: a great solution for a picnic!

As for the technology, there is little information. All we know is that the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept car is an electric vehicle with V2X technology: that is, it can supply electricity to external consumers. It is also known about the e-4ORCE technology: that is, it has all-wheel drive, which is realized by several electric motors.

If at least half of the ideas of this concept are implemented in future production models of Nissan, the automotive future will definitely be interesting! Do you agree?