Munich-based startup Orbem has developed a unique scanning technology. It uses MRI diagnostics and artificial intelligence as part of the development, writes TechCrunch.

Orbem has successfully applied its technology to eggs. It allows the company to determine the sex of future chickens without contact. And all this in just one second.

Such methods have many advantages. For example, they will stop the practice of culling day-old male chicks that will not lay eggs and are therefore considered surplus.

Orbem claims to have already tested about 20 million eggs and even reached the level of profitability. However, this is not the only area in which the startup can be effective.

For example, the technology will help detect parasites in nuts. It can even classify nuts, which will allow their owners to use dynamic pricing for their products.

And, of course, Orbem is a potential opportunity to scan the human body.

The German company started its operations in 2019. Its founders met while studying at the Technical University of Munich and created Orbem on the basis of this educational institution. Previously, the startup was able to attract €10 million in investments. Now it has managed to raise another €30 million.