EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Thierry Breton warned Elon Musk about the spread of disinformation on Platform X after the Palestinian group Hamas attacked Israel, writes Engadget.

The European official sent the billionaire an urgent letter, in which he emphasized this issue and reminded him of his obligations under the European Digital Services Act (DSA).

The letter was a response to fact-checkers’ information about a wave of disinformation on platform X amid the attack on Israel. It was about viral content that was presented as tragic events in the country. However, in some cases, the platform shared old or inappropriate images and videos.

“Following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, we have indications that your platform is being used to disseminate illegal content and disinformation in the EU,” Thierry Breton wrote in the letter to Musk. “Let me remind you that the Digital Services Act sets very precise obligations regarding content moderation.”

The European Commissioner also suggested that X was not responding appropriately to requests to deal with potentially illegal content on the platform.

“When you receive notices of illegal content in the EU, you must be timely, diligent and objective in taking action and removing the relevant content when warranted,” Thierry Breton emphasized.

For his part, Elon Musk noted the open policy and transparency of the platform and called for listing violations on X so that the public could see them.

Recently, the EU has already warned Elon Musk after Platform X turned out to be a leader in disinformation.