The foreign language learning app Duolingo will launch a music course this fall, reports Engadget.

The company promises “hundreds of small lessons”. During them, it will use more than 200 melodies to teach users music. It is noteworthy that such training will be presented in a game format. Lessons will be divided into levels that need to be completed.

The training will begin with a digital piano to familiarize users with the sound of notes. To test their knowledge, students will have to play a certain melody following the notes on the screen. If they find such tasks too easy, they will be able to move on to more complex stages of the course.

In addition to the music course, Duolingo promises to pay attention to math. Such skills will help, for example, to quickly calculate tips or hourly wages.

“While Duolingo is known for language, we’re expanding to math and music because these are subjects that people often find intimidating,” the company explained. “We want to show people that learning these different subjects is possible and it can actually be a lot of fun!”

Initially, Duolingo’s music course will be available only in English and Spanish on iOS devices. However, the company hopes to expand the opportunities for more learners over time.