Recently, Toyota has demonstrated its new concept car with the eloquent name Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser: it is a hint of traveling even beyond the planet Earth!

In fact, the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept was inspired by both the Toyota FJ40 SUV and the Japanese space agency’s real “lunar rover.” That’s why the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept stands out with a lot of original details: panoramic glazing, wheels with built-in electric motors, augmented reality display, and joystick controls.

However, the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept also became a symbol of the 50th anniversary of the CALTY design studio, where it was created. This studio was founded by Toyota and operates in the United States and has produced many experimental and concept vehicles over the 50 years of its existence.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Toyota has unveiled several interesting concepts by CALTY Studio: we can see mid-engine sports cars, a more traditional coupe (could this be the Toyota Supra?), several attempts to find a new image for the SUV (which once finally became a production model of the FJ Cruiser)…

I wonder what the CALTY studio will come up with next? We are looking forward to new Toyota concepts!