Mauris Studio has announced the launch of the Corsairs Legacy pre-order on the official website. As a reminder, Corsairs Legacy is a Corsair with a Ukrainian flavor. At the beginning of the year, we conducted an interview with the developers of this game.

In addition to purchasing the Corsairs Legacy Steam Activation Key ($20), players can support the project team by purchasing the Extended Edition ($30), which includes a Supporter Pack with nice digital bonuses.

In addition, the Mauris team has prepared an updated demo version of Corsairs Legacy, which can be downloaded on the project’s Steam page. In the new demo, the developers took into account comments from YouTube streams and game statistics.

The Corsairs Legacy project is at the final stage of development, and the authors promise to show the final gameplay trailer soon. We would like to remind you that Corsairs Legacy will receive a full Ukrainian localization, including Ukrainian voice acting for more than sixty story cutscenes.

Currently, the developers from Mauris are planning not two, but three games in this series: Corsairs Legacy (2023), Corsairs Legacy: Naval Mission (2024) and Corsairs Legacy 2 (2025).