The updated Microsoft Teams client, which is much faster and less demanding, is now available for Windows and Mac users.

The company assures that the new client is 50% faster to load the application, join calls, and switch between chats and channels than the classic client. Switching to Edge WebView2 helped reduce memory and disk space usage.

With the release of the updated program, Microsoft added the entire list of features that were not available even in preview builds. Among these features are integration with special business applications, support for third-party applications, subgroup rooms, 7×7 video, call queues, PSTN calls, contextual search in chats and channels, cross-posting of conversations in channels, and more.

Updated Microsoft Teams client is now available for Windows and Mac

Of course, we also introduced Copilot artificial intelligence. It will help users summarize calls, long chats, and threads and find the files or information they need faster.

All of these features are also available for the Mac version, which did not have a preview but received all the same features, updates, and performance improvements.

In the future, the company will only update the new Teams, so Microsoft encourages all users to switch now. Moreover, you can upgrade with just one click, after which you can safely continue working from where you left off.