Lenovo predicts that by 2025, more than 80% of laptops and spare parts will be repairable. This was stated by Luca Rossi, Senior Vice President and President of the Intelligent Devices Group, during Canalys EMEA 2023, writes The Register.

According to him, the possibility of repair will reduce the environmental impact. At the same time, Lenovo does not intend to tell customers where they should repair their equipment or spare parts.

“More than 80 percent of our devices will be able to be repaired at the customer, by the customer or by (our – ed.) channel…” Luca Rossi explained.

This means that batteries, SSDs, or other components will no longer be “sealed” in the product, but will be available to the customer. They can be repaired and thus reduce the amount of production waste.

Earlier, the European Council announced the adoption of a new regulation on batteries and waste batteries. It sets strict rules for verifying the source of raw materials for batteries on the market.

A significant victory for consumers in this context is that the regulation stipulates that by 2027, portable batteries built into appliances must be removable and replaceable by the end user. This provision gives manufacturers enough time to adapt their product design to this requirement.