Canva, a graphic design platform that allows users to create visual content for social media, has launched Magic Studio, a new set of tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Magic Studio will help creators with time-consuming tasks, such as converting designs to different formats, or completely editing an image from scratch.

One of the new tools will be Magic Switch, which will be able to automatically convert your design for other formats, such as Instagram stories, emails, or blog posts. This tool will also have an automatic text translation feature that will work in more than 100 languages.

Graphic design platform Canva gets new tools based on artificial intelligence

The Magic Media tool will be able to create short videos from text or images. The existing feature that turned text into pictures will be updated to expand the styles in which images can be created.

Another innovation will be the Magic Grab feature, which will allow you to automatically separate an object from a picture, process, move, and resize it. Magic Expand will also be added, which will allow you to expand images similar to Adobe’s Generative Expand.

Canva’s new update has added a lot of tools, but in order to legally train these tools, the company is ready to allocate $200 million to pay designers who agree to use their content to train artificial intelligence. The Creators Fund program will run for three years, and payments to designers will depend on various factors, one of which will be the contribution of content to the library and the number of uses of the same content.