Microsoft has unveiled a new generation of OneDrive with a redesigned design, artificial intelligence Copilot, and improved file sharing and collaboration features for colleagues.

This update will focus on making sure users have access to all the files they need in one place. OneDrive will pull up files shared in online meeting chats, Teams chats, and Outlook emails. The new design was created with the idea that users could easily find everything they need when they open the app.

On the home page, you will have access to all the files you have created or shared with you. We’ve added a new For You tab that uses Copilot artificial intelligence to suggest relevant documents, spreadsheets, or presentations you’re working on.

By the way, AI will also be able to find photos by their names and descriptions of the photo’s context. For example, you write “hiking in the mountains with Andrew” and the system will automatically search for photos that match this description among all your files. However, this feature is currently only available to a limited number of users for testing, and the full release is scheduled for early 2024.

Microsoft introduced a new generation of OneDrive

Tabs such as People and Meetings help you find a file that was shared with you during a meeting or in a chat, and Shared lets you find everything you’ve shared yourself. By the way, sharing files is now much easier, as Microsoft has improved this process as well.

The Favorites tab works across all Office 365 products, and by marking a file as a favorite in OneDrive, you can easily find it across the web, Office 365 apps, Teams, and more.

In addition to the above features, Microsoft has also announced a number of other updates that will be coming to OneDrive later.

First of all, the company wants to improve integration with Copilot’s artificial intelligence, which will allow you to get answers to questions about a file or its summary without even opening it. These features are expected to be available in December for Microsoft 365 Copilot license holders.

Microsoft is currently working to find new uses for artificial intelligence. It will be able to help you not only search but also organize files for projects, suggest documents that might be useful, and when you need to share something, Copilot will create a short summary.

Another update that hasn’t been added yet, but is planned for the next few months, is the ability to open any file, such as a PDF or CAD, from the web version in the full program on your device, edit them, and save changes to the cloud. By the way, the web version will also allow you to save any file or folder for offline access. It will also allow you to view all your media in one place.

Integrations with OneLook and Teams are also planned, so you can view all the documents you need from OneDrive in any program. This feature will also be available in December.

Microsoft introduced a new generation of OneDrive

Next summer, they will also add the ability to create any file directly in OneDrive without having to open other applications. You will be given a variety of templates with documents, tables, etc. to choose from.