It’s time for the Japanese Motor Show, and that means a lot of interesting new products and concepts from local companies. One of the first examples is the Nissan Hyper Urban concept car, which offers a glimpse into the company’s future.

The Nissan Hyper Urban concept is an idea for an electric crossover with numerous straight lines and sharp angles. Thanks to its large wheels and “piled-up” roof pillars, it has a rather dynamic appearance. It also has a solid headlight line in front and a double taillight.

It seems that the Nissan Hyper Urban concept is all about design and the fact that it is an electric vehicle – nothing more. But in fact, it has a lot of interesting ideas to offer.

For example, side doors with an unusual opening mechanism: in different directions and with a lift upward. Or seats that can be converted into armchairs – probably in anticipation of autonomous driving and the possibility of rest for the driver/passenger at this time. The Nissan Hyper Urban concept also offers the idea of changing the front panel elements to update or expand their functionality.

And if miracle doors or folding seats look “wow!” in concept, but in reality they are unlikely to be implemented in production models, then this idea of interchangeable front panel modules makes sense. After all, this is how the manufacturer can get an additional source of income by selling such interior panels. And the owners of the electric vehicle (based on the Nissan Hyper Urban concept) will be able to upgrade it and add features.