Google used unfair tactics to harm Microsoft’s Bing search engine. This was stated by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, speaking as a witness in an antitrust case against Google, writes The Wall Street Journal.

During his testimony in Washington, he supported the U.S. Department of Justice‘s view that Google has consolidated its dominance in the Internet search industry through its agreements with Apple. They made Google the default search engine in the Safari web browser.

“…you get up in the morning, you brush your teeth, and you search on Google,” he said, commenting on the implications of these agreements. “With that level of habit forming, the only way to change is by changing defaults.”

According to Microsoft’s CEO, the company is caught in a vicious circle where Google uses its roughly 90% market share to constantly improve search results and increase profits. This, in turn, further strengthens its monopoly as a search engine.

He is also convinced that the idea that there is a real choice in the market is false.

Earlier, it was reported that Microsoft was discussing the possibility of selling the Bing search engine to Apple around 2020. The agreement would allow Google to be replaced as the default search engine on iPhone devices. Such negotiations were of an exploratory nature.