ASUS announced today that it has signed a formal agreement with Intel Corporation that marks the completion of the Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) product line. ASUS already manufactures and sells Intel NUC devices with 10th-13th generation processors and will develop future NUC systems.

“I am confident that this collaboration will advance our vision for mini-PCs,” said Jackie Xu, senior vice president of ASUS and co-head of the OP and AIoT business groups, at the signing ceremony, “Adding the Intel NUC product line to our portfolio will expand ASUS’ capabilities and technology solutions in AI and IoT R&D, especially in the three key markets of industrial, commercial, and professional.

Jackie Xu also welcomed the members of the Intel NUC division who have joined the ASUS NUC division, who will help expand ASUS’ R&D capabilities, particularly in the areas of software and cloud computing.

ASUS has been licensed both hardware and software solutions from Intel. The new ASUS NUC business unit will help further expand the company’s R&D, logistics, and technical support capabilities, and will cover areas such as software development and AI development, government agencies, large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and edge computing and industrial applications.

ASUS will continue to develop NUC products and plans to expand its partner network to meet future demand. ASUS NUC solutions will be developed in accordance with industry standards and offer security features to meet business requirements.