Game developer and blogger Sergiy Galyonkin has officially announced on social media that he will be leaving Epic Games in September.

Sergiy is a well-known figure in the Ukrainian gaming media space, and in the past he was a gaming journalist, including working with “Mezha” editors on “Domashnyi PK” magazine and being the editor-in-chief of Gameplay magazine for a long time. In addition, he once created a very convenient tool for tracking Steam statistics – SteamSpy.

Over time, Sergiy Galyonkin moved into gaming and has been working at Epic Games for the past eight years, first as Head of Publishing in Eastern Europe, then as Director of Publishing Strategy, and also worked on the launch of the Epic Games Store.

Sergiy doesn’t reveal any further creative plans, only saying that he will stay in the game industry and “now I can write about games again.”

Sergiy Galyonkin, a native of Luhansk, has been living in the United States for the last few years. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he clearly stated his pro-Ukrainian position and helped raise funds for the Come Back Alive Foundation.