Adult Swim has remained silent on the future of the Rick and Morty cartoon series after the show’s co-creator and star Justin Roiland left due to a scandal earlier this year.

Fans were worried that his departure would cause the series to fade away, as Roiland voiced both main characters. So far, Adult Swim has not announced the names of the new voice actors, but the latest trailer for Rick and Morty season 7 shows that they were able to successfully convey the essence of the characters.

Rick and Morty’s voices remain almost identical despite the departure of Justin Roiland. Adult Swim will reveal the details of the cast change during the season premiere on October 15.

As a reminder, the popular American screenwriter, producer, cartoonist and comedian Justin Roiland, who together with Dan Harmon created the adult animated series Rick and Morty, was fired from Adult Swim. The reason was two criminal charges brought against Royland for domestic battery and unlawful imprisonment by threat, violence, fraud or deception.