Unlike JerryRigEveryting, who disassembled the iPhone 15 Pro Max quite hard, iFixit specialists managed to It is much more accurate to perform the procedure with your sample of a new smartphone. In general, they did not have many questions about the internal structure of the device.

This time, the iPhone 15 Pro has a similar structure to last year’s iPhone 14, which was much more convenient to repair. In this regard, iFixit welcomes the updates. Yes, the smartphone still has some inconveniences, such as a lot of different fasteners and not very convenient moments with the dismantling of parts (battery, for example), but this is not a big problem.

Also, iFixit welcomes the replacement of Lightning ports with USB-C. And not only because of unification, but also because of additional port capabilities – faster data transfer, support for reverse charging of external devices, etc.

Even with better internal construction, the iPhone 15 Pro still received a low repairability rating from iFixit

Despite the really good updates, the iPhone 15 Pro still didn’t leave the best impression on iFixit. For starters, the titanium coating is really easily damaged. Perhaps the numerous insights on the eve of the release of new smartphones from Apple still “overheated” expectations, because each of them was accompanied by the idea that the titanium frame would be a much more durable solution than the steel one.

In practice, it turned out that at least the coating of the dark versions of the case color is easily damaged, and scratches are clearly visible, because under the outer coating, titanium is still lighter.

However, a bigger problem for the iPhone’s maintainability is the “software” limitation of spare parts. Apple does not allow the replacement of most important parts without further approval of the procedure through its own system, which makes it much more difficult to repair smartphones. Recently, iFixit revised the score of the previous model, which fell from seven to four (on a 10-point scale) because of these issues.

Even with better internal construction, the iPhone 15 Pro still received a low repairability rating from iFixit

The new iPhone 15 line also adheres to these rules when replacing individual parts, so iFixit’s assessment of the new products’ maintainability remained as low as 4/10.