It seems that Google is no longer planning to “play secrecy” and leaves no surprises for the presentation of its new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. Раніше компанія встигла показати зовнішність нових пристроїв, а на цей раз в Мережу потрапив проморолик, який демонструє можливості камер цих смартфонів.

The video was exclusively shown by 91mobiles, and provided by Kamila Voitsekhovska.

Moreover, the technical specifications of the cameras of both gadgets have also become known. So, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will have the following set of sensors:

Google Pixel 8 Google Pixel 8 Pro
Wide-angle camera 50 МП, 1,2 μm, ƒ/1,68, 1/1.31″, 82°, Super Res Zoom до 8× 50 MP, 1,2 μm, ƒ/1,68, 1/1.31″, 82°
Ultra-wide-angle camera 12 MP, 1,25 μm, ƒ/2,2, 125,8°, lens correction 48 MP, 0,8 μm, ƒ/1,95, 125,5°, lens correction
Telephoto 48 MP, 0,7 μm, ƒ/2,8, 21,8°, optical zoom 5×, Super Res Zoom up to 30×
Front camera 10,5 MP, 1,22 μm, ƒ/2,2, фікс, 95° 10.5 MP, 1.22 μm, ƒ/2.2, auto focus, 95°

Among the features in the short video are Pro (Pixel 8 Pro exclusive), Real Tone, Night Sight, Astrophotography, Super Res Zoom, and face replacement options like Magic Editor.

The video recording functions include Video Boost, Night Sight for low-light recording, Audio Eraser for reducing ambient noise, and skin tone enhancement.

Thus, the company has already managed to show the appearance and tell us about the capabilities of the cameras. Before the official announcement, we will most likely learn more details about the new products, and it is possible that the company will let us know about them. We can only hope that the presentation (scheduled for October 4) will still have some interesting updates.