So, the new Volkswagen Passat has been unveiled – and, as expected, it debuted only with a wagon body, no sedan body. But if there were, what would it look like? The publication Carscoops tells about a non-factory design option. But everything looks like it’s ready to go into production today!

Moreover, there is even a suitable basis. After all, there is a Volkswagen Lamando L car on the Chinese market – it’s not a sedan, it’s a liftback; however, it’s a good fit as a blank. Then we added the details of the well-known Volkswagen Passat station wagon and got a classic sedan, which is so lacking in the new model lineup!

In fact, the design with a sloping rear end and a separate trunk is quite organic. Note: the separate third side window, which was a characteristic feature of almost all Volkswagen Passat sedans in the 1980s and 1990s and until the early 2000s – that is, before the Volkswagen Passat B6 series appeared – has been retained.

By the way, in addition to changing the shape of the body and adding a trunk lid and a solid lantern, the designer also worked on the shape of the bumper. This means that the new Volkswagen Passat with a sedan body is significantly different from the one with a station wagon body.

There is one problem: the latter already exists, but the sedan is only in our dreams. Would you dream of a Volkswagen Passat sedan like this?