Starting in January 2024, Gmail users will no longer have access to the basic HTML view. This classic version of Gmail’s web interface provided a simple experience that many users find less cluttered than the current version of Google mail.

Google will remove the basic HTML version of Gmail in January 2024

Previously, Gmail users were able to access the basic HTML view and set it as the default view on the site. However, new Gmail users may not have seen this mode because the switch to the HTML version has been removed from the standard Google mail interface.

While users can still access the main HTML viewer from a direct link, it no longer offers the option to set it as the default. When the Gmail site reloads, after closing and reopening the browser, the user returns to the standard view of the mail.

Google has confirmed the discontinuation of the Basic HTML viewer on its support page. The company notes: “You can display Gmail in your browser in basic HTML mode until January 2024. After that date, Gmail will automatically change to the standard view.”

After the change is implemented, URLs that previously opened the classic mode will be redirected to the standard Gmail interface. This will also mean that users of outdated browsers will not be able to access the Google Mail site.

It’s worth noting that the basic HTML rendering of Gmail doesn’t support some of the features that Google has recently introduced. These features include the ability to add or import contacts, advanced formatting, and spell checking.