YouTube is expanding the capabilities of its Creator Music project and adding an artificial intelligence feature to it. This will help creators find music for their videos, writes TechCrunch.

Until now, Creator Music has allowed creators to search for specific songs, artists, or music genres. But soon they will be able to search for music by simply describing its duration or type. The Creator Music tool will offer a potential option and its price. The feature is expected to be introduced next year.

In addition, YouTube is preparing to integrate an AI tool into YouTube Studio. It will be able to generate dubbing in another language, which authors will add to their videos after previewing them. This tool is currently being tested and will become more widely available next year.

Earlier it was reported that YouTube is testing automatic annotation of videos using artificial intelligence. The platform explained that the annotations created by artificial intelligence provide a quick overview of the video, allowing the user to decide whether it is suitable for them.