To put it mildly, Tesla’s model range is not very wide. In fact, we have two passenger sedans (well, one liftback, but it looks like a sedan) and two crossovers of different sizes. The truck is clearly not intended for mass sales, the large-scale mass production of the pickup truck is still being delayed, and the second-generation sports car-roadster is still somewhere in the future.

However, Tesla’s fans are always coming up with ideas for new products. And sometimes these ideas turn out to be very successful. Here’s an example – the Tesla GT coupe: it’s actually a combination of the BMW 4-series coupe silhouette and the design of the updated Tesla Model 3 sedan.

In fact, the Tesla GT is just a rendering, i.e. a “free drawing on the theme”. But everything looks very harmonious: narrow headlights and a pointed nose, a teardrop-shaped roofline, a highlighted trunk lid with stretched lights. Moreover, the basis of Tesla’s “three” is already perfectly suited to creating such a coupe: rear or all-wheel drive, high power, rigid suspension, and a “sharp” steering wheel. It turns out that you just need to weld the rear doors (figuratively speaking) and lower the roof line – and the Tesla GT coupe can become real!

Of course, a lot of changes are actually needed: bumper and trunk lid, headlights and lights, new suspension settings, new shapes of windows and glass, stretched doors. But the Tesla GT coupe already looks so sexy that it deserves at least an attempt at realistic reproduction!