Right now there is an auto show in the United States, so we have a lot of interesting new products from there. For example, this Cadillac CT5 is a passenger sedan that already stands out among numerous pickups and crossovers. In addition, it now stands out even more: it is an updated Cadillac CT5. What has changed?

For example, the front end and headlights: the latter have become vertical in shape, which was usually a characteristic feature of Cadillac cars in recent years. The Cadillac CT5 sedan also received a new bumper and grille. Moreover, the version with the sports package has its own black mesh grille – take a look below.

In addition to the new front end, the second significant change is the interior. From now on, the Cadillac CT5 sedan has a continuous curved 33-inch display that actually forms the front panel. Plus, the list of additional features has been expanded.

But there are no technical changes under the hood. The Cadillac CT5 is offered with two engine options: a gasoline 2-liter turbo with 240 hp or a 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine with 340 horsepower. The drive can be rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, the transmission is always a 10-speed automatic.

It’s a beautiful sedan: laconic, powerful, attractive, modern. However, the general question is whether there is still a place for sedans in the modern automotive world. What do you think?