The official NBA sports simulator from 2K, NBA 2K24, received extremely negative reviews from players and became one of the worst Steam games. The game competes for the first place from the end with Overwatch 2.

NBA 2K24 is criticized for poor optimization on PCs, outdated graphics, excessive system requirements, a small number of changes from the previous version, down servers, etc. Currently, the PC version of NBA 2K24 has a Stream rating of 9% with 3,847 reviews. Overwatch 2 also has 9%, but with 184,269 reviews. On the other hand, as it became known, most of the negative reviews for Overwatch 2 were written by Chinese players, who are unhappy with the suspension of Blizzard games in China.

Previously, the NBA 2K games were considered the flagships of the 2K line, and because of this, EA did not even try to release its own NBA Live basketball games, closing the series in 2019. Perhaps now EA has a chance to return.

Interestingly, among the worst Steam games is another game from Activision Blizzard – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which ranks 4th from the bottom and has a Steam rating of 13% with 2,192 reviews.