The HeyGen neural network can automatically translate and voice over what a person says in a video in different languages. Currently, users can choose from several languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Hindi.

HeyGen co-founder and CEO Joshua Xu explained that to translate a video, you need to follow three simple steps: upload the video, select the target language, and send the file for processing. He also showed an example of what the final result could look like.

In a separate post, Joshua Xu said that video translation can play an important role for YouTubers and the education sector.

“Think about it: breaking down language barriers makes content accessible to the entire globe, not just the 10% who speak English,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, users on the network have begun to actively test the neural network. They share their results, in particular on the X platform.

Many of the videos are well-known memes that sound completely new after being translated by a neural network. And it looks no less amusing.

HeyGen currently offers free translation of videos up to 59 seconds long.