The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine announced the return of the so-called “Boyko Rigs” to Ukraine’s control: the V312 Petro Godovanets and V319 Ukraina gas drilling platforms, as well as the Tavrida and Syvash jack-up drilling rigs.

Russia occupied the platforms in 2015, and with the beginning of the full-scale invasion, used them for military purposes, in particular as helicopter landing sites and radar sites that controlled most of the Black Sea.

During the operation, the special forces managed to capture valuable trophies: a stockpile of helicopter unguided missiles and a Neva radar that can track ship movements.

During one of the phases of the operation, there was a battle between Ukrainian special forces on boats and a Russian Su-30 fighter jet. The Russian aircraft was hit by a man-portable air defense system and was forced to retreat.

The DIU released a video dedicated to this operation.

Back in June 2022, it was reported that Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at Boyko’s “towers”. It was later confirmed by hostile sources.