Apple is considering discontinuing the iPhone 13 mini after the announcement of the iPhone 15 due to low sales. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg noted that there are currently low inventory levels of iPhone 13 mini, which leads to delivery delays of two to three weeks when ordering from Apple’s US online store. This may mean the beginning of the end for the model, as Apple may stop selling it after the launch of the iPhone 15 line.

Sales of the iPhone 13 mini have not been successful since its release. This forced Apple to consider discontinuing the model, just as it stopped production of the iPhone 12 mini a year after its launch. Last year, Apple did not release the iPhone 14 mini, and it is unlikely to do so in the future unless there is a strong demand for smaller smartphones.

With the discontinuation of the iPhone 13 mini, the only entry-level option for users who prefer smaller devices will be the iPhone SE models. However, the upcoming iPhone SE 4 is rumored to feature a larger 6.1-inch screen, unlike the 5.4-inch display of the iPhone 13 mini. The iPhone SE 4 is also expected to have a design similar to the iPhone 13 mini, with rounded corners and a notch.

For those still interested in smaller smartphones, the iPhone SE 3 will remain available even after the iPhone 13 mini is discontinued. The SE 3 features a 4.7-inch display, making it the most compact current iPhone to date, and an A15 Bionic processor that will keep the model relevant for several more years.