It looks like a sedan in terms of body shape and number of seats. But in all technical terms, the new electric car Lotus Emeya is a real “childhood dream supercar”! Just look at the design: a streamlined body, large wheels, pointed headlights, and a solid taillight. There’s also active aerodynamics with moving elements like a rear wing and adaptive air suspension.

In fact, the Lotus Emeya electric car has a lot of interesting technologies, it’s like a showcase of the company’s achievements. Of course, the most important thing is the electric drive. Thus, the Lotus Emeya sedan in the maximum R version will offer 905 hp and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, which immediately makes it one of the most dynamic electric vehicles today.

Instead, the Lotus Emeya S version relies not so much on power as on range – this electric vehicle can cover up to 600 km on a single full battery charge (versus 490 km for the Lotus Emeya R version). Although with a power level of about 600 hp, the Lotus Emeya S electric sedan cannot be called a “wimp” either.

By the way, the two versions of the Lotus Emeya will use a 102 kWh battery with a very fast charging capability: the charging power can reach 350 kW, which allows you to add 150 km of range in five minutes. In addition, both versions of the Lotus Emeya will offer a similar interior…

There are sports bucket seats and separate horizontal displays for the driver and front passenger. Another large display is installed in the center of the front panel. In addition, there is also a projection display with a virtual diagonal of 55 inches – it will create augmented reality.

Of course, this level of technology and performance will cost a lot. For example, the Lotus Emeya S sedan should start at about $120 thousand, and the Lotus Emeya R version is estimated at about $150 thousand. But who counts money for a dream?