Apple is working on artificial intelligence tools that can compete with OpenAI, Google Alphabet and others. But the company has not yet developed a clear strategy for releasing the technology to consumers, writes Bloomberg.

According to people familiar with the situation, the manufacturer has developed its own Ajax framework to create large language models. On it, Apple also created a chatbot service, which some engineers call Apple GPT.

The promotion of artificial intelligence has become the main focus of Apple’s work in recent months. Several teams are working on the project, and their work includes trying to address the potential privacy issues associated with this technology.

It was previously reported that Apple’s sales for the II financial quarter, which ended on April 1, fell 2.5% to $94.8 billion despite expectations for a 4.4% drop. The company’s earnings remained at $1.52 per share compared to the forecast of $1.43 per share.

We will remind that at the beginning of July market capitalization of Apple exceeded $3 trillion. This suggests that investor sentiment remains bullish, meaning there are expectations for Apple’s stock and portfolio of products and services to rise, despite the company’s warning in May that its revenue could fall by about 3% this quarter.