Lookout, an artificial intelligence app designed to make everyday tasks easier for visually impaired people, is now available in 11 new languages. Ukrainian is among them. This is stated in the Google Ukraine blog.

When using Lookout in Ukrainian, users can choose from three available modes: text mode, document mode, and research mode.

Text mode is best for when you need to read a small amount of text aloud, such as when sorting business cards or letters. With Document mode, you can capture and speak out entire pages of text in a text format or in Google Docs.

And the Explore mode uses computer vision to identify objects around you, which can be especially useful if you’re in an unfamiliar place and want to know what exactly is around you, such as furniture or a pet.

“We continue to work with the blind and low vision communities to understand how to make Lookout even more useful. Since launch, we’ve been able to use this feedback to create additional modes to help with a variety of tasks and improve the app’s design,” the blog post says.

Users can also access additional modes by using the app in some other languages, including English. The app works best on devices with more than 2 GB of RAM running on Android 6.0 or later.

We would like to remind you that the Android application Lookout was launched in 2018.