There are still 16 hours left until the release of the standard version of Starfield, and the number of players in the new RPG from Bethesda on Steam has already reached almost 250 thousand people.

It should be understood that Steam is not the main platform for Starfield. Here, the game is bought only by avid fans who are willing to significantly overpay to get the game on Valve’s platform. The majority of players will get the standard version of Starfield on Xbox via Xbox Game Pass or on PC on the Microsoft platform via PC Game Pass. Moreover, those who wanted to start playing Starfield 5 days earlier could simply purchase the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade (UAH 895) from the Microsoft Store to their Xbox/PC Game Pass. This is 2.5 times cheaper than buying Starfield Digital Premium Edition on Steam for 2499 UAH.

Starfield hasn’t been fully released yet, but 250 thousand players are already playing it on Steam

250 thousand players (the exact number of maximum online players is 248,632) on Steam are those who deliberately overpaid and bought the extended version of the game for the full price, i.e. 2,499 UAH or $99.99. That’s why Starfield is the best game by revenue on Steam last week.

In addition, Starfiled ranks first in terms of the number of additions to the Wish List for games that have not yet been released.

The new Bethesda game is already in the Top 10 Steam games by the number of online players, briefly reaching the 4th place. Most likely, with the release of the standard version of Starfield, which will take place on September 6, 2023 at 3:00 Kyiv time, the number of players on Steam will reach 1 million. Then again, Steam is not the main platform for Bethesda, tens of millions of players should be expected on Xbox and PC as part of PC Game Pass at the same time. Good job, Bethesda.

P.S. As a person who has already played 30 hours, I can say that despite some flaws, Starfield is a really great game.