Sony has officially announced that the PlayStation Portal, a portable device designed exclusively for streaming PS5 games, will be available for pre-order today and is scheduled to launch on November 15. The device costs $199 and is intended to serve as a “portable gateway to your PS5 games.”

The PlayStation Portal has an 8-inch LCD screen that displays images in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It also has haptic feedback and essentially has a DualSense game controller integrated into the case.

PlayStation Portal

However, PlayStation Portal has certain limitations. It does not support cloud streaming via PlayStation Plus Premium or any other similar services. In addition, it has no local apps and functions solely as a Wi-Fi remote control for your PS5 console. The device supports long-distance remote playback, provided your PS5 console is powered on and working at home.

Given its features and limitations, PlayStation Portal is targeted at a specific audience of PS5 owners looking for a portable way to play games on their console.