Sony has officially announced PlayStation Portal, a portable device designed to stream games from the PS5 console via Wi-Fi. It will cost $199 and is scheduled for release later this year, The Verge reports.

The device, which looks like a compact game console, features an 8-inch 1080p LCD screen operating at 60 frames per second. The PlayStation Portal aims to extend the PS5 gaming experience to a portable format, allowing users to easily switch between the PS5 console and a handheld device.

PlayStation Portal from Sony - a portable device for $199 for remote play on PS5

The PlayStation Portal features controllers on both sides that are very similar to Sony’s PS5 DualSense controllers, with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. This ensures that the gaming experience on Portal will be similar to the PS5. The device also has a special section on the main screen for playing media files, which replicates the interface of the Sony console. However, it’s important to note that Portal does not support playing games or media from the built-in memory, so it always requires a Wi-Fi connection.

The device connects to the PS5 via Wi-Fi and requires an internet connection of at least 5 Mbps, although Sony recommends 15 Mbps for optimal performance. Interestingly, the PlayStation Portal will not support Sony’s upcoming cloud streaming service for PS5 games. It is designed exclusively for streaming games that are already installed on your console.

The PlayStation Portal does not have a Bluetooth connection, but it is introducing a new proprietary standard called PlayStation Link, designed to deliver audio without delay or loss. Sony is also releasing a wireless headset and headphones that support this new standard. IGN’s preliminary testing has shown that the device performs well in terms of latency, which is a crucial factor for streaming games over Wi-Fi.

Although the battery size for the PlayStation Portal has not yet been finalized, Sony plans to have the same battery life as the DualSense controller, i.e. seven to nine hours.

Sony has not yet confirmed the exact release date of Portal, but rumors pointed to a November release.