YouTube is updating its community policy to give channel creators who violate the rules a chance to start from scratch, writes Engadget.

Now, those who have received a warning for violating the rules will be able to take a special training course. It is designed to help such users better understand how to avoid uploading videos that violate YouTube’s rules.

If they complete the course and don’t violate the rules for 90 days, YouTube will remove the warning from their account. However, if they violate the rules for which they received a warning for the second time during this time, YouTube will remove the video in question. In this case, users will have to complete another training program.

Additionally, warnings will now be applied to authors’ accounts based on the specific policy they have violated. So they can have multiple warnings on their account and the option to take a training course for each of them.

“Looking ahead, we’ll keep working to make our policies easier for creators to understand,” the company noted.

It is known that YouTube previously introduced warnings to help video creators understand what went wrong and avoid more serious sanctions. According to the service, more than 80% of the authors who have received warnings since then have not violated the rules.