At least, this is what Autocar reports. So, what the story is about: Jaguar is once again “looking for itself” and this time focuses on luxury electric vehicles.

The new plan envisages the launch of three electric vehicles by 2025 – two crossovers and one large dynamic luxury sedan that will be a worthy competitor to the BMW i7 and Porsche Taycan. Interestingly, the Jaguar XJ used to occupy a similar niche, and the company was even preparing a new generation of the model (the red sedan in the renders below). But everything was stopped in accordance with the new plan for the production of electric vehicles.

It is currently known that Jaguar electric vehicles will be built on the new JEA platform. It provides for all-wheel drive and an all-wheel steering chassis, meaning that both the front and rear wheels will be rotated. The power of the electric motors will be at least 450 hp, and acceleration from 0-100 km/h will take only 3-3.8 seconds, depending on the model and its version.

However, what is most interesting is the projected range. It is expected that the minimum range for new electric vehicles will be 385 miles or 620 km, and the maximum range should reach 475 miles or 765 km.

However, such Jaguar electric cars will not be cheap. Depending on the model, the cost will be 100-125 thousand pounds or about $130-160 thousand. It seems that Jaguar is going to sell fewer – but more expensive!