Dolby has introduced a new feature called Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, designed to improve sound quality by pairing your TV speakers with any wireless speakers in the room. This technology will debut on TCL TVs in 2024. FlexConnect aims to optimize sound based on room layout and speaker placement, freeing users from the constraints of room size, furniture and outlet arrangements.

FlexConnect intelligently calibrates each speaker in the room to match the TV speakers, creating a customized Dolby Atmos sound profile that is said to be unique to each user’s home. The technology uses acoustic mapping using microphones inside the TV to locate each speaker and calibrate the sound.

This feature doesn’t just boost the center channel, it customizes the sound for each speaker, including those inside the TV. For example, if a pair of speakers is at the front of the room, FlexConnect can adjust the sound so that the TV plays most of the dialog and the speakers play the rest of the front soundstage. If the speakers are located in the back of the room, the TV will play dialog and sounds that should come from the front.

One important aspect of Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is its potential for interoperability. Unlike Samsung’s Q-Symphony and Sony’s Acoustic Center Sync, which require compatible soundbars and TVs from the same company, FlexConnect can be open to manufacturers for integration. This means that users can, for example, pair a TCL TV with a Sennheiser soundbar.