Poland continues to arm itself. The next step is modern Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, and finally the Polish government has received approval of its order from the US Department of Defense. Poland plans to purchase 96 Boeing AH-64E Apaches worth $12 billion.

In addition to the helicopters themselves, the deal includes: 210 T700-GE 701D engines (192 installed plus 18 spares); 97 AN/AAR-11 night vision sensors and AN/ASQ-170 sights; 37 AN/APG-78 fire control systems; 37 fire control radars; 1,844 Hellfire anti-tank missiles; 460 AGM-179 JAGM missiles; 508 Stinger 92K Block I missiles; 7,650 APKWS-II missiles; training, maintenance and support. A very good reinforcement of the armed forces.

The Boeing AH-64E Apache is the latest modification of the AH-64 in 2012, which updated the engines, rotor, landing gear, added support for the JTIDS digital unit management system; the ability to control UAVs, full support for IFR flights, etc.

As a reminder, Poland plans to increase the army to 400 thousand soldiers and actively buys the latest weapons, some of which, such as South Korean tanks K2 Black Panther and 155-mm self-propelled guns K9 Thunder and American M1A1 Abrams tanks have already started arriving in the country.

Poland receives permission to purchase 96 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters

Boeing AH-64E Apache specifications
Crew – 2
Length – 14.68 m
Height – 4.72 m
Rotor diameter – 14.63 m
Gross weight – 6,838 kg
Maximum weight – 10 432 kg
Maximum climb rate – 853+ m per minute
Maximum speed – 279+ km/h
Maximum altitude – 6,096 m
Armament – 16 Hellfire missiles; 76 × 2.75-inch unguided missiles; 1,200 rounds for 30-mm cannon (600-650 rounds per minute)