As it turned out, not only Metro 4 by 4A Games is being developed in Kyiv, which is likely to take place in Moscow again, and the mobile project Metro: The Outpost by RedBeat Games.

At the moment, it is only a concept/technodemo, but as a mobile shooter it looks quite interesting. In addition, the game will take place in the same universe, but not in Russia, but in Ukraine, in Kyiv, which is easy to understand from the characteristic Kyiv architecture or the Motherland monument in the background.

According to the description on the RedBeat Games website, Metro: The Outpost is a free-to-play third-person mobile shooter with survival elements. The player, together with other players, has to explore post-apocalyptic locations in Kyiv, outdoors and indoors, looking for valuable resources and answers to their own questions. Both PvP action and cooperative PvE gameplay were planned. Of course, the game should have a clan system, base construction, etc. In addition, a powerful radioactive storm was planned every two months, which was supposed to destroy most of what the players had built and update the game world, permanently replacing some locations.

The target audience of Metro: The Outpost, according to RedBeat Games, is fans of shooters, online survival games, and Battle Royale. Would you like to see such a game?

RedBeat Games is a Kyiv-based studio that has existed since 2013 and developed Prime World: Defenders, Space Rogue, and Frostborn: Co-Op Survival. In addition, RedBeat participated in the creation of such games as Halo 2: Anniversary, Cossacks 3, NBA Playgrounds and others.