IGN YouTube channel has posted the official teaser announcement of the new shooter from the legendary Delta Force series. However, there are several questions about the video and the companies developing it.

The Delta Force series of tactical military shooters by NovaLogic consists of nine games and separate expansions released in 1998-2009. The first installments received good reviews from the press and players, but then the series slipped into the “so-so, playable” category. Delta Force: Xtreme 2 (2009) was the last game by NovaLogic. The company went bankrupt, and all its games and brands were bought by the well-known THQ Nordic, which is now part of the Embracer Group.

The new game looks like a true descendant of Delta Force, there’s even a Black Hawk Down, but… among the platforms on which the game will be released, which can be seen at the end of the video, in addition to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and EGS, it’s easy to spot the Apple App Store and Google Play. That is, it is also a mobile game, and given that the platforms are listed side by side, it is most likely a mobile game adapted for large screens.

In addition, the publisher of the new Delta Force is Tencent, and the developer is Timi Studio Group, an internal studio that specializes in mobile games. Moreover, Tencent is most likely a Free-to-Play game with grind, loot boxes, and everything else we love so much.

It’s all upsetting. But let’s wait for the real announcement. More about the new Delta Force should be revealed on August 22, 2023 during Gamescom Opening Night Live.