Kyiv-based game studio Twigames studio has presented a teaser trailer for Hollow Home, an isometric narrative RPG about the Russian-Ukrainian war, which was announced in March 2023.

The trailer, titled “The Last Day of Childhood,” shows gameplay from the beginning of the game, the last peaceful day before the full-scale Russian invasion.

Inspired by This War of Mine and Disco Elysium, Hollow Home tells the story of a teenager trying to survive the Russian siege of his hometown. Interestingly, at the time of the announcement, the game was about the siege of Mariupol, but now the name of the city is not mentioned in the game.

In addition to the trailer, the developers showed new screenshots of various locations in the city, NPCs, the game interface, roleplaying parameters, and dialogues.

Telling the story of a disappearing city, Hollow Home’s gameplay relies on dialog and a multi-branched quest system. The game has no combat system and players will not see any scenes of violence – Hollow Home focuses on the consequences of war, not its bloody details. The game aims to show the horrors of war through the eyes of a child.

Game features: neighborhoods that change over time; tasks related to survival and helping others; the need to make painful decisions; mastering medical care, cooking, and creating basic necessities.

Hollow Home has already got a Steam page, so add the game to your wishlist. The game is tentatively scheduled for release on PC and consoles in 2025.