Mitsubishi has finally fully unveiled its new crossover, which looked like a successor to the Mitsubishi ASX. However, “it didn’t happen as expected”.

First of all, the car has a completely different name – we meet Mitsubishi Xforce. Although with its 4.39 meter length and 2.65 meter wheelbase, the new car is very similar to the Mitsubishi ASX, only more modern. Look at the T-shaped headlights and lights, for example, or the “powerful” arches that describe the 18-inch wheels.

Secondly, the Mitsubishi Xforce has a 1.5 liter gasoline engine – not a turbo, but a regular “atmospheric” engine. Therefore, we have a power of only 105 hp, which is transmitted to the front wheels via a CVT transmission. There are several driving modes and the AYC system, but instead I wanted to dream of four-wheel drive and more power.

Thirdly, the interior of the Mitsubishi Xforce differs significantly from the ASX – but this is an advantage: a modern design and a massive console, a digital instrument panel and a 12.3-inch touchscreen display. There are plenty of shelves and pockets, even on the backs of the front seats. In addition, the maximum equipment of the car gets an improved YAMAHA audio system.

The Mitsubishi Xforce crossover will soon be launched in the Asian and African markets, but then the sales geography may expand. And here’s the question: would you like to see it in Ukraine?