Slack, a business messenger, has announced an interface update. This should make it easier for users to see the information they need to do their work, writes TechCrunch.

The company says the product has changed, and the development team wanted the interface to better reflect the state of Slack today.

“We’ve added a lot more tools and capabilities into the core Slack product that really has evolved from being a collaboration tool to a full-fledged productivity platform,” said Noah Weiss, Slack’s chief product officer.

One of the key design ideas was to centralize a lot of information. For example, correspondence with contacts is now collected in one tab. The Activity tab has also been added. Here you can see messages and responses from all user workspaces at once.

All deferred tasks are now on the Later page. And the More button provides access to workflows, integrated business applications, and new canvases.

Slack has announced an interface update that should improve workflows

The company also added that it is committed to ensuring that the future of the platform is powered by generative artificial intelligence, knowing that AI will play a key role in helping people find and synthesize the growing amount of information on the platform.

Slack launched in a test mode in 2013, and its public release came a year later. This spring, the company announced the launch of an AI-powered messenger.