Like Samsung’s flagship line of smartphones, the manufacturer’s top tablets also have a slightly simplified model. Most of the time it appears on the market a little later. And it seems that this time we won’t have to wait long for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE. 

Thus, Roland Kwandt of the WinFuture I’ve already noticed a mention of Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Tab S9+ FE on the manufacturer’s website in the Bixby compatibility section. And it is not accidental, because it still remains in place.

Also, Mr. Rwandt shared prices shared the prices of such a tablet for the Indian market. The price of the simplified version of the flagships there will be $760, not the “flagship” $1000. That is, the FE version is about a quarter cheaper than the Tab S9.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE has appeared in FCC filings (FCC). The controller refers to this model as SM-X516B. Such references usually indicate that the product will be available soon.

Potential buyers can expect at least two versions of the Fan Edition tablet with display sizes of 11 and 12.4 inches, which will have a similar design to the flagships.