Sony has patented a new system that can imitate smells in games, writes Gamerant.

The patent describes a certain accessory that can emit scents during game moments. The scents would come from special cartridges that would be triggered in sync with the light and sound effects in the game.

It is not yet clear whether this Sony patent will be successful, especially considering the unsuccessful attempts to add smell to movies in the past. For example, in the middle of the last century, several American movie theaters used the Smell-O-Vision system to accompany the image on the screen with smells. The reviews of the system were not the best, so it was later closed.

However, the idea of a console that emits scents as you play is an interesting one and, if done correctly, can help increase player immersion. However, there are many questions about the system, so gamers probably shouldn’t expect it to appear anytime soon. In fact, it may never appear at all, as companies are constantly filing patents that never result in a consumer product.

Sony has gone to great lengths to enhance gamers’ immersion in the PlayStation 5 era with the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller and 3D audio support on the console. These features allow players to experience different reactions through the vibrations of the controller and the sounds around them as if they were actually in a PS5 game.