Meta’s Threads platform is struggling to retain users about a month after its much-hyped launch. According to recent industry estimates, app engagement has fallen to new lows, writes CNN.

According to Sensor Tower, since its launch, the number of daily active users of Threads has fallen 82% to 8 million as of July 31. This is the lowest since the day after the app’s launch, when the number of daily active users reached 44 million.

People also open the app less often and spend less time in it, Sensor Tower added. On launch day, Threads users opened the app an average of 14 times and spent an average of 19 minutes on it. As of August 1, the number of sessions in Threads decreased to 2.6 per day, and the average time spent in the app was 2.9 minutes.

Data from Similarweb showed the same trend. According to senior analyst David Carr, Threads peaked at 49 million users on July 7, the day after launch, and steadily declined to just over 11 million by July 29.

The biggest drop came in the two weeks immediately after Threads launched. But new data show that the decline has continued and is continuing. According to Sensor Tower, Threads’ daily active users are still falling at a rate of about 1% per day.

We remind you that Threads has added a version of Following feed. It really allows you to see the posts of only those accounts to which the user subscribed, even in chronological order.