So, meet the Nissan Z Nismo – this is a “charged” version of the Nissan Z coupe, the appearance of which announced a month and a half ago . Even then, it was expected that the Nissan Z Nismo car would have comprehensive modifications. So what did we get?

First of all, the design has been significantly changed. The new Nissan Z Nismo front bumper and spoiler are reminiscent of the historic Nissan 240ZG coupe, while the enlarged rear spoiler and RAYS wheels with DUNLOP semi-slick tires are from the world of the Nissan GT-R NISMO supercar. Of course, side “skirts” and red lines along the contour were not missing: it looks cool!

Second of all, it is important to note: everything is done not only for the sake of design. The changed aerodynamics allowed to improve the downforce, the wheels hide the powerful AKEBONO brakes, and the numerous holes contribute to the improvement of the cooling of various components. Among other technical changes, it is worth noting a stiffer suspension and an increase in the power of the 3.0 V6 turbo engine: the standard version of the Nissan Z has 400 hp, but the Nissan Z Nismo can already offer 420 “horses”.

Everything is sent to the rear wheels through a 9-speed “automatic”: yes, yes, this is not a manual box. But this “automatic machine” has also been improved – the promised faster switching of feeds. Also, SPORT+ mode and custom dashboard graphics have been added for the Nissan Z Nismo. And sports bucket seats appeared in the cabin.

Sales of the Nissan Z Nismo will start at the end of this year. But you can be sure – fans will be waiting for it: a great example of branded “factory” tuning that combines the history of legendary models with modern technologies and achievements!