Nissan has released a video where, by all accounts, we see a “charged” Z Nismo coupe. It is worth reminding that the current Nissan Z coupe is a very “capable” car: a powerful 3-liter 6-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, classic manual or a 9-speed automatic transmission. An impressive design that hints at its iconic predecessors and at the same time looks modern.

However, for those for whom this is not enough, Nissan is preparing a Nismo version of the car. In the video, you can notice the changed aerodynamics of the Nissan Z Nismo and numerous overlays and spoilers. Sports seats are installed in the interior, and the digital instrument panel has its own design. In addition, various sources claim new suspension settings, an original exhaust system and a possible increase in power – from the current 400 hp up to about 500 hp.

However, we will find out how it will actually be very soon. After all, the debut of the super coupe Nissan Z Nismo should take place during the ongoing summer.