The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter forms an acceptable policy for generative artificial intelligence projects, writes TechCrunch.

Now, projects on the platform that use AI tools to create images, text, music or other products will have to disclose “relevant details” on their pages in the future.

These details should include information about how the project owner plans to use AI content in their work, as well as which components of his project will be completely original and which will be created with the help of AI.

Kickstarter also requires that new projects related to the development of technologies, tools and software for artificial intelligence contain detailed information about the sources of training data that the project owner plans to use.

Kickstarter’s new policy will go into effect on August 29th. But the platform does not plan to apply it retroactively to projects submitted before that date.

“We want to make sure that any project that’s funded through Kickstarter includes human creative input and properly credits and obtains permission for any artist’s work that it references,” Susannah Page-Katz, Kickstarter’s director of trust and safety, wrote.

We remind you that last year in December Kickstarter indicated for the first time that it was considering the possibility of changing its policy regarding generative AI. Since then, the platform has been gradually moving in this direction. It recently approved and then removed a project that used AI to plagiarize an original comic, which is highlighting the difficulty of moderating AI work.